6/7/16 10:04 AM
By Jeff Ryon

Spring manufacturers use a duration of heat, dependent on size and type of the material, to increase the material strength back to levels prior to coiling.

1/14/16 10:15 AM
By Glen Short

Choosing the correct wind of a mechanical spring can be vital for some designs but for most optional wind is adequate.....

10/29/15 1:10 PM
By Shaun Taylor

Today we are going to talk about Spring Index.  The relationship between the springs mean coil diameter and the wire diameter is your Spring Index....

9/17/15 9:22 AM
By Don Hughes

It is not every day where our work at Southern Precision Spring becomes part of our entertainment.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy engineering springs and perfecting my craft and that in itself is entertaining....

8/31/15 8:46 AM
By Aaron Haynes

When engineers talk diameters of springs there are a couple different categories with several different uses of terminology...

7/19/15 1:49 PM
By William S Duncan

Since 1964 Southern Precision Spring’s philosophy has been to provide relentless customer service for our clients.  The emphasis on service drives every decision we make, from production forecast, engineering support...

7/19/15 1:30 PM
By David Vaughters

The days of cold calling prospective new customers has become much more challenging. At one time every company had a receptionist with a warm greeting. A couple of pens and nail files and it was quite easy to either get into the purchasing department or at the very least...

2/18/15 10:29 PM
By William S Duncan

Hugh Monroe Duncan Sr. was the inspirational leader of Southern Precision Spring for over 4 decades. His beginnings are a true testament of how the past shapes your successes in the future.  As a young man, Hugh served...

2/18/15 10:25 PM
By William S Duncan

North Carolinians have enjoyed a rich tradition of manufacturing in their home state since the introduction of the cotton textile mill in the early 1800’s. Textiles has had its difficulties, but the processes and experience created a path to several evolving Industries...

2/18/15 10:19 PM
By Webb Yates Duncan

Understanding our clients’ needs and challenges is one of the most important elements of Southern Precision’s business plan. We use our experience and design capabilities to provide innovation and value beyond what the customer has experienced...