"Ice Road Truckers"

It is not every day where our work at Southern Precision Spring becomes part of our entertainment.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy engineering springs and perfecting my craft and that in itself is entertaining; however, it is certainly rewarding to see some of my work on a national broadcast during a lazy Thursday night.  One of my favorite TV series is, “Ice Road Truckers” a probably staged but entertaining show that features truck drivers crossing frozen waterways in remote artic regions like Canada and Alaska.  Who would have thought that this week’s episode would star one of my own creations?  A Southern Precision Spring Wire-form, engineered by this guy’s hands and in immaculate Stainless Steel fashion.  I could not believe my eyes and found myself pausing, rewinding and staring at the TV before calling half a dozen buddies.  During the broadcast, Season 9 episode 5 “Power Trip,” a broken truck keeps a driver away from the road and into a bowling alley.  As you can see in the picture, the wire-form is used to guide bowling pins into their proper location.  I had seen the mechanism as a guide to manufacture good parts but I had never seen the parts in action and that was probably the most intriguing part for me as a viewer.  You just never know where these parts will end up or how much value they will add to a process—until of course you see your parts on the big screen!