Challenges for Today's Salesman

The days of cold calling prospective new customers has become much more challenging.  At one time every company had a receptionist with a warm greeting.  A couple of pens and nail files and it was quite easy to either get into the purchasing department or at the very least get a name and number for follow up.  Just throw on that "Good Ole Southern Charm".  Sadly for us, what you find today are "Locked Lobbies" with a phone on the wall.  And if you are lucky, you will have a directory with names and titles.  The key to the last part is trying to determine the right contact.  Hard to be charming when it is rare anyone will pick up on the other end.  Anyone can leave a card and brochure at the counter; but ultimately these probably get trashed before it lands in the right hands.

We have to rely more on our networking skills and become more social media savvy—which has been challenging for the old dogs.  Phone apps like twitter, LinkedIn, and so on are the modern keys for success.  Still this does not mean that you need to ditch the cold calls.  You have to allocate your time using both platforms.  This new age just means, you better adapt to technology or you will get left behind.  I had a recent sales call from a prospective customer that I have been working on for over two years just to get a face to face.  It finally happened!  He told me that my subtle persistence paid off.  I was not annoying him on a weekly or monthly basis; but would shoot off an email about every other month or so.  Which brings me to yet another challenge; trying to weigh your aggression with persistence.  We all know that buyers get inundated with numerous pesky sales calls.  I have actually had many tell me that if they saw every salesman that called or emailed for a meeting that that’s all they would have time to do.  The setting is more competitive than ever, at Southern Precision Spring we are blessed that the one constant is a competitive product.

Where does the future lie for us road warriors…It is hard to say; but ultimately persistence and patience will be keys to success!